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Carrier Relationships
Running a successful BGA requires access to a wide variety of quality of life insurance carriers. While marketing organizations may have a wide range of life insurance carrier contracts in addition to supplemental lines of long-term care (LTC), annuities and disability insurance (DI), typically the top 15 carriers account for over 95% of the brokerage premium. You want to make sure that the marketing organization you choose has the right portfolio of carriers that will satisfy your producers. 

In addition to contract availability, the underlying relationship between your IMO and insurance carriers has a direct impact on the resources, compensation and services you may receive. As a recognized industry leader consistently ranked in the top 3 with many of the leading insurance carriers we represent, at LifeMark Partners we have built our business over the past 40 years by placing great value in establishing strategic relationships and longstanding rapport with our carrier partners. The resulting benefits to your BGA include dedicated points-of-contact with leading carriers to streamline the underwriting and new business processing and invitations to exclusive training resources and events to continuously equip your team with the latest innovations and strategies.

Continue reading to learn more about LifeMark Partner’s exclusive underwriting and training opportunities, or contact us to discuss becoming a partner BGA.

Our Carrier Partners