Sales & Marketing
We have found that our partners really value non-carrier branded marketing resources to bolster their marketing efforts and image to their producers. For this reason, LifeMark gives you access to more than 3,600 marketing pieces for you to add your brand (not the carriers!) to use within your business. Through this platform, you can distribute materials, track open rates and target follow up based on producer activity to boost your sales and engagement. 

Additional LifeMark Partners sales & marketing resources include:

Turnkey Advanced Sales Presentations 
Featuring our own Estate Tax Analyzer
Proprietary Policy Review Materials 
For personal, business and trust owned policies
Live Annual Sales & Marketing Conference

To network with your colleagues and discuss the latest industry ideas

Continue reading to learn more about LifeMark Partner’s education & training resources, or contact us or give us a call at 410-837-3022 to discuss becoming a partner BGA.