5 Critial Questions for Your IMO

When it comes to choosing the right marketing organization, BGAs have a lot at stake. To help you evaluate if your current marketing relationship is truly serving your business needs, review these 5 critical questions for you IMO.

Exclusive and effective underwriting relationships are a critical point of distinction between IMOs. LifeMark Partners is devoted to maintaining and expanding elite underwriting resources to help increase the placement of your producers’ business. Through a partnership with us, gain access to:

Swiss Re and Hannover Re Underwriting Manuals
With these exclusive manuals, your team can more accurately assess cases in a timely fashion, enhancing the professionalism of your agency. Plus, provide your staff with an up-to-date, state-of-the-art reference guide to expand their underwriting knowledge and ability to facilitate the new business process. 

Proprietary QuoteShop Dashboard
Save the time, hassle and procedure of medical underwriting on difficult cases by prescreening scenarios with health impairments across multiple carriers in a single online request. This first-of-its-kind dashboard system allows for a direct line of communications with LifeMark underwriters to receive preliminary offers across our database of carriers within 24-48 hours. This allows the ability direct cases to the best provider for each specific impairment, ultimately producing better outcomes and closing more difficult cases. 

Exclusive reinsurance programs for:

Facultative offers
Should a carrier postpone a case or require additional testing that the producer is resisting, you can take that case directly to Gen Re to have them underwrite from the current file to make a facultative offer to be placed with one of your carriers.

Excess capacity
Through two of our carrier relationships and Swiss Re, we currently offer exclusive excess capacity options. One that can place up to a $70 million dollar case with one carrier for clients ages 65-75 and the other up to $40 million dollar capacity for clients up to age 70 without triggering the normal jumbo reinsurance pools protecting future capacity.

LifeMark Medical Director—one of the best cardiac specialists in the country 
You will have direct acces to an experienced Medical Director, available to answer questions before a file is submitted to a carrier. 

At the core, LifeMark Partners is a strategic alliance of BGAs, insurance carriers and industry leaders that offers an expansive network of intellectual capital. Idea sharing, training, and collaboration take place at various forums throughout the year ranging from underwriting and operations to sales and marketing. Affiliated partners benefit from the robust range and depth of our training programs as well as the personal connections they make sharing best practices with industry leaders. Through our carrier partnerships, we are also able to provide dedicated support for hiring wholesalers and point of sale professionals through a premier and tested talent acquisition program along with robust educational forums and sales training for your staff. We are also the first in our industry to invest in providing a business consultant to our BGA partners to help optimize their business development and marketing capabilities one-on-one.

Provide your producers with the competitive intelligence they need by using industry-leading reporting and benchmarking tools. Through LifeMark Partners, you can instantly survey the market to identify the top products for your case in a matter of seconds to dramatically reduce the number of illustrations you output while quickly and thoroughly creating case designs for your producers. Plus, you will receive new product evaluations within 48 hours of their release that you can distribute to your producers for the first-to-market advantage. LifeMark's proprietary custom analysis reports also detail competitive intricacies of various products to provide insider expertise.
Through LifeMark Partners, tap into a library of more than 3,600 marketing pieces with your brand to enhance professionalism without promoting a carrier! Distribute materials, track open rates and target follow-up initiatives based on producer activity to boost your sales and engagement. Additional resources include turnkey advanced sales presentations and proprietary policy review materials for personal, business and trust-owned policies.

The underlying relationship between your IMO and insurance carriers has a direct impact on the resources, compensation and services you may receive. LifeMark Partners is a recognized industry leader consistently ranked in the top 3 of the many leading insurance carriers we represent. While some IMOs may capitalize on this stature by collecting six-figure checks from carriers to pay-for-play on their platforms, we encourage and hold our carriers accountable for investing comparable sums directly with our affiliated partners to support their training, marketing, and agency growth endeavors. Additional benefits to your BGA of these long-lasting carrier relationships include dedicated points-of-contact with leading carriers to streamline underwriting and new business processing, invitations to exclusive training resources and events to continuously equip your team with the latest innovations, strategies, and more. 

Dare to compare. Ask your current IMO these 5 critical questions to see how they stack up to the value of LifeMark Partnership. Expand your capabilities; enhance your value proposition to your producers and advisors, and fast track the growth of your brokerage business by partnering with LifeMark Partners. Call (410) 837.3022 or email BShelow@LifeMarkPartners.com today!

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